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Crystalyte H35 Direct Drive Hub Motor

Known for their solidity and toughness, the Crystalyte H-Series motors exemplify all the great things direct drive hubs are known for: speed, power, strength, and unparalleled reliability.
Rugged and powerful, these motors are a great fit for demanding conditions like extreme temperatures and rough terrain which makes them a popular choice for heavy-duty and off-road applications.

This robust motor is capable of sustaining up to 2,700 Watts continuously.

The H35 Torque model motor is wound for maximum torque, best acceleration and hill climbing ability.
This motor is capable of regenerative braking.

Top speed in 26" wheel: 26-28mph @ 50V 30-40A 32-34mph @ 72V 30-37A 38-40mph @ 100V
Power Rating: 2,700W
10K thermal sensor.
Honeywell S411 hall sensors
Disc Brake Compatible
Standard 6 bolt disk brake mount
Freewheel Compatibility:7spd
Dropouts Compatibility:135mm
Torque Arm: at least 1 torque arm is required
36 spoke holes
Color: Dark metallic grey
Regen: Yes
Freewheeling: No

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